The Kumbh Mela!

We have heard a typical bollywood dialogue “Hum Kumbh ke mele me bhichade the.Aaj mil rahe hai” in so many movies. But have we taken one moment and thought once, what is this “Kumbh ka mela”? . It is the largest auspicious gathering of Hindu devotees to bathe in a sacred river. This is referred as Shahi snan.

Kumbha mela is held at four places in India after the gap of three years. These four places are Nashik, Haridwar, Ujjain and Prayag. But this khumbha mela takes place in rotation, so at every place it comes after 12 years of gap. The rivers Ganga, Godawari, Kshipra and the sangam of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at Prayag are of great importance.This year will be held in Nashik. Last time, in 2013 when it was in Prayag, more than 10 crore devotees visited the place.


What is the story Behind Kumbh Mela?
It was when Gods and demons were on earth. Bramha advised Gods to churn the milky ocean to get Amrit (elixir of immortality). But this Samudramanthan could be done without help of demons. So Gods accepted with mutual agreement to share equally the Amrita with Demons. In the process of churning Vasuki was used as rope and Mandara Mountain as churning rod. The process continued for 1000 years. And then Dhanwantari with the Amrit wordpress Kumbha in his hand appeared. However, Gods did not want to share it with demons, so ran away with the Kumbha. When demon understood the conspiracy attacked Gods. Gods were aware that demons are more powerful and it’s not easy for them to defeat demons. And demons chased Gods for 12 days and 12 nights. During this period few drops of Amrita from the kumbha fell at the four holy places. That’s why these four places are of great importance to devotees and that’s why the holy event takes place at those four places where the Amrit drops fell. Since 12 days and 12 days for demons and Gods were equivalent to 12 years for humans. So it is believed that after 12 years the river turns into holiness of amrita. And taking holy dip in the river keeps you away from sins.

You want to attend this festival?
Many of us dream about visiting this auspicious event where millions of devotees visit. But most of the time we could not make it. We have heard from books or folk tales about this event. How about having a documentary where we can feel the experience of attending this holy event of Kumbha Mela? Please check this video for more details.


I am unraveling the mysteries of Kumbh Mela by participating in the #TheKumbhMelaExperience activity at BlogAdda in association withAnugraha


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