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Recently I enjoyed one day trip to Karoli. A very very calm place , very close to Mumbai. I was with my friends and one of my friends came with her 2 year old daughter. I would say because of that cute princess, our one day outing became memorable. This reminded me, how I use to travel when my son was kid. Infact, we purposely skipped long journey when he born and even after that. Our first long trip was of 8 days to Mount Abu.

karoliI was housewife then, so I did all packing and other things ready as and when I use to get free time. I use to tell him stories about what care he has to take when we will start our journey. So he was excited. His excitement was seen when we reached the railway station. He started running everywhere with joy and was talking to every person on the platform. Even he was entertainment stock in railway compartment. With one day journey, all our co-travelers were offering him eatables and playing with him.

The most enjoyable part was when we use to go for sightseeing. He was getting up early in so cold climate and was getting ready before us. And then play with hotel staff and our other friend. He was enjoying the trip more than us. While wondering and doing some shopping, he thrown his shoe in Nakki Zeal . And he started crying wordpress because he wanted it back. We tried to take him to other shop and promised to give new shoes. But he was not at all ready to listen. So finally our friend found out one stick and anyhow succeeded in getting back his shoe. When he got his shoe back, he started running here and there. But he still remembered that we promised him to get the new shoe, so we had to purchase it for him.

Even I remember one incidence at Puri. We were in Orissa. And were travelling in boat at Chilka lake. During this vacation my son was five year old and our friend’s daughter was around 2 years old. We were showing my son the various boats which were passing by out boats. And while showing I was pointing my finger to boat and said “this is boat” In Marathi “bot” is finger. And that cute girl was confused why I am showing her finger. And said I know this is bot and was looking at my finger. Then we realized the kid was confused between boat and Marathi word bot.

During our vacation at kerala, my son wanted a snap with boat with Titanic pose. Since we were travelling it was difficult to take such snap. Then the boat person stopped it at one place and we took lot of snaps there. We also met various good persons in our journey at various places.

Vacation with kids is always a fun and we enjoyed our each and every vacation while we were with our kids.


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