Monsoon Vacations in India

If you love to travel various famous spots at different seasons then India is must visit tourist place for you. India flourishes in all seasons and accordingly county has many vacation spots for different seasons. During hot summer season many travelers choose beaches like Goa ,Kerala or hill stations like Munnar, Darjeeling and Manali. During  winter season many tourist choose Rajasthan, Goa, Kashmir as their vacation destinations. You will never be disappointed whichever  season you select for your India vacations.

monsoonJune to September is the general monsoon period in India. In the beginning of June, long hot summer comes to an end, the warm soil and dust cools down. The earth appears breezy and gives you much comfort in rainy seasons. The word monsoon motivates and makes people feel happy by its first raindrop. In fact, the most magnificent thing about monsoon is when the first raindrop falls on the thirsty earth some exciting smell make us feel the real joy of happiness. It is in this season when all animals and human beings forget everything and enjoy rains by dancing with joy on the lanes, in muddy water and in the streets. Peacock, India’s national bird welcome rain by dancing with spreading its colorful feathers. The magic of monsoon surely works on everyone.

Tourists’ love for monsoon and its growing fondness brought focus on monsoon tourism in India. Due to the great demand for monsoon tourism, tour agents’ offers attractive holiday packages. [tag]Monsoon vacations in India[/tag] seem to be a great idea for budget conscious travelers. Indian tourism sector appears to be blessed as it witnesses a sudden rise in the number of tourists at the beginning of the rainy season, when the clouds starts covering the sky.

In monsoon you have many destinations in India that will make your tour memorable. You can visit beautiful place like Udaipur during the monsoon season. Goa is especially beautiful from June to September as nature flourishes here during this period. The rain brings romance in Goa and you will feel this if you visit Dudhsagar Falls or take a cruise from Panaji. The aroma of the moist vegetation at Periyar National Park during the monsoon gives a very special appeal.

The other famous destination for monsoon vacations in india is Shillong which is popularly known as the ‘Scotland of East’.  Shillong has a milder climate throughout the year than other cities in India. There are many interesting places in Shillong that is a must watch for tourists. Shillong has its own unique nature beauty. During monsoon, lakes and waterfalls plays rhythmical music and wind whispers through dense forests.

The most interesting place to visit during your monsoon vacations in India is the Valley of flowers National Park which is located in state of Uttarakhand. It is open from the months of April to October. It is best to visit during monsoon as the flowers are in full bloom. However, before July you will not find any blossomed flowers, so try to make your plans accordingly.

You can enjoy your monsoon trip with same enthusiasm by visiting India. You can travel to those parts of India which receives scanty or no rainfall, if you are scared of floods and rainfall.

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