Bigger is Better for Indian Aviation

Good news for our readers from USA and Europe!!! Now planning your India vacation is much comfortable than ever before. You can catch Frankfurt-Delhi and Frankfurt- Mumbai for your luxury travelling. Imagine how would you feel when you travel with this Jumbo aircraft to India, as this is the first service which is connecting India – Europe with A380- bigger aircraft – bigger enjoyment – bigger travelling facilities.

India was connected with Singapore and Dubai with A380 – Jumbo airlines. And now Lufthansahas taken initiative to connect India with Europe and USA after ‘the new rights to fly A380s to India’.#LufthansaA380 will ply between Delhi – Frankfurt, Mumbai –Frankfurt. And you will be soon connected to the other Indian major airports like Kolkata, Chennai,Bangalore.

Indeed flying with Jumbo is more comfort, more enjoyment. We have here a quick listing of what #LufthansaA380 will provide you during your Delhi – Frankfurt/ Mumbai –Frankfurt journey.

#Bigger Relaxation:You will experience less cabin noise with new cockpit technology.So you will enjoy a fatigue free travelling experience.

#Bigger Comfort: Your first requirement during long journey is comfortable seats. You will find economy seats are 18 inch wide with 24 deg seat reclination. Each seat is equipped with monitor . Business seat and first class seats are around 20” wide with 168 degree and 24” wide with 180 degree reclination respectively.

#Bigger interior : #LufthansaA380 has large cabin areas, larger windows. Spacious interior is the other important aspect of #LufthansaA380. Beautiful interior also strengthen your mind to peacefulness.

#Bigger sitting area : #LufthansaA380 is a three-class configuration airbus. Business Class and first class cabins are on the upper deck. There is sepate entrance zone for them immediately after boarding zone. Economy class is at the lower level of the plane(Main deck). And the seat arrangement is too good where a person with average height can stand comfortably. The overhead compartments do not disturb for your movements or standing just beneath it.

#Bigger kid section : #LufthansaA380 has a special kids section. Here your kid will be entertain himself with with games ,books and movies. And #LufthansaA380 also take special care of infants. Basically they call this as a family flight. The reason is they provide baby changers along with baby food for infants during long journey.

#Bigger access to music: Most of the time journey becomes boring without proper entertainment. Especially during long journey, music can make your journey enjoyable. But Panasonic eX2 Inflight Entertainment System in #LufthansaA380 gives you variety of entertainment stock. Here you will have access to around thirty radio channels, movies , games, TV shows, destination information and books. You can also enjoy different kind of music with the help of CD’s provided in flight. The other option #LufthansaA380 offers you to use the USB port attached to your seat to listen music.

Start your journey for India with world’s largest commercial passenger jet #LufthansaA380. Enjoy the finest flying comfort and luxury with this green jumbo aircraft.
Here is a video, How Delhi IGI Airport welcomed Lufthansa A380 on 8th November 2014.


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