Koroli – hill station

Are you nature lover?
Are you adventure lover?
Do you love trekking ,hiking?
Are you just looking for weekend home?
Are you looking for second home nearby Mumbai?
All these questions have one Answer. And surprisingly I found the answer at Koroli…. The place which is just two and half hours away from Mumbai.

karoliIt just happened that one of my friend Keyur gave my reference to Aditi, founder of So-Saree. And then I received an invitation from Aditi for a bloggers event at Green Courts. When I landed on the website of E&G , my artist heart said “Yes, I must visit this place” .

Since our meeting point was Mulund, I had to start very early by 7.00 am. We also picked up other blogger friends on the way. We started our journey by 9 and reached to Karoli around 11.30 am

Where is Koroli?
Koroli is a unknown hill station in Maharashtra. It is two and half hours away from Mumbai. It is just thirty minutes away from Igatpuri and forty minutes from Igatpuri railway station. Nearest airport is Nashik and you can reach to Koroli within forty-five minutes from there. You will find greenery at Kotroli throughout the year. The most interesting thing about the Koroli hill station is the presence of Vaitarna dam and Vaitarna backwaters.



1Can I have a Second home here?
Offcourse! E&G Global Estates Provides you a unique Weekend Home project stretched in 17 acre land. They offer luxurious 2BHK and 4BHK Studio Apartments. These apartments are fully furnished. FAB Furnish has given elegant look to Villas.

If you are thinking to settle down here after your fifty, then this is the best place with lot of amenities. This is a perfect second home option with gardens, private swimming pools, Spa, tennis court, cricket pitch and amphitheatre. You can take a look around mesmerizing landscape from coffee shop at the hill-top. The other activities like boating, horse riding are also available here.

It is also an eco project as solar systems are used at every possible points. The most important is its connectivity to hospital and Orchid international school.#DiscoverGreenWatercolor 15×22 inches.

How E&G PROJECT is connected to major cities?
As discussed above Koroli is connected to Igatpuri, Nashik and Mumbai. Recently Maharashtra Government has allotted hundred crores towards Nashik’s infrastructure development. And we have seen the development is in process on the way. So connecting to major cities from this project is very easy.



???????????????????????????????I am an adventure lover. Anything for me?

The list of adventure point is huge. But I can list few here for your referance. If you are an adventure lover, then I must tell you one good news that the first trekking institute of Maharashtra is just fifteen minutes away from Koroli villas. Right now it is under construction. Apart from that you can visit popular trekking point Anjaneri fort and can have one day outing at Dugarwadi waterfall.

Sahyadri ranges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it just thirty-five kms away from Igatpuri. So you can visit the highest peak of sahyrdri ranges , Kalsubai within one and half hour from this hill station.


You can see the above pics and imagine how we have enjoyed this place. This was just one day we spend there. What if we can spend every week end here? Or how about having a second home here? Oh… I forgot to mention that they also have the rent back option with these villas. So there is no investing money for care takers..  This interesting video will give you more idea about this project.

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