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When we say beach vacations in India, we just remember  – Goa. No doubt, Goa is blessed with beautiful beaches. However, today I want to explore one of the cleanest beache in Maharashtra. It’s not just clean but less crowded too. I am talking about Anjurle and Harne beach in India.


Recently I visited Anjurle village in Ratnagiri , a district in Maharashtra. I went there with my artist friends for outdoor painting. It is quite near from Dapoli which is a birth place of various Maharashtrian idols like Lokmanya Tilak, Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve and Sane Guruji. This small village is beautiful as well as has an unspoiled beach. This village is also famous for commercially grown Alphonso mangoes and coconuts.



We stayed in this village for three days. But it was incomplete to enjoy the beauty of this small village. If you are planning to visit unseen beach in India, then this is must seen beach option for you. Let me give you more details of Anjurle along with some beautiful pictures.




Clean beach :
Anjurle is a small village located near Dapoli & is near from Pune and Mumbai. Harne beach is about half hour distance from Anjurle beach and the view from the bridge connecting creek is too beautiful. Take a look at the Anjurle creek and the beach view you get from the there. In olden days pilgrims visiting Ganesha Temple, use to cross the creek by boat to reach the village. Now the connecting bridge is useful for visitors and villagers too. You can see white sand beach from recently constructed Anjurle creek bridge.







Kadyawarcha Ganpati :
Anjurle is also famous for the Ganesha temple on the cliff. The right trunked Ganesha idol is the specialty of this temple. The stone staircase made for climbing the hill starts at the Anjurle village and you can see the eye-catching view of village surrounded by betel nut trees as well as coconut tree.


Harne Beach :
This is just connected beach to Anjurle beach and is as beautiful & clean as Anjurle. The most exciting is the fish auction done at Harne port in the morning as well as in the evening. People from Pune and other long distances visit here to bulk buy fish. Watching this fish market on the beach is totally a different experience.



Suvarnadurg :
You can see this mesmerizing Suvarnadurg fort while driving towards Harne fort from the Anjurle-Harne connecting bridge. The best season to visit this sea fort is November to March.


How to reach?
If you are travelling by train the nearest station is Khed which is around 35 miles away from the village. The nearest airport is Ratnagiri Airport. Anjurle village is 250 kms away from Mumbai. It is connected to Pune by road via three different routes. You can take Mahabaleshwar route , Tamhani Ghat or Bhor ghat route.



I hope you will add Anjurle on your next plan of India vacation. And I am sure you will love this place, as it is more beautiful than these photos.

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