Affordable medical treatment at Govt hospitals in Mumbai

Mumbai is well known as “The economic capital of India”. The city is also a major commercial as well as entertainment center of India. However, for last one decade Mumbai has achieved a new recognition as medical tourism hub. So, how dud Mumbai gain this identity? The answer lies in the first class and affordable medical treatments it makes available to its inhabitants.

I am not talking about Yoga, Ayurveda and Pachakarma. All allopathy and modern healthcare facilities right from heart surgery to Neurosurgery and eye surgery to Dentistry are available in general hospitals in Mumbai too. The general myth regarding government hospital is that it is meant for the poor and it lacks high-tech equipment. But to break this belief, I would like to give a concise overview of government hospitals in Mumbai.

LokmanyaTilak Municipal Hopital, Sion :

LTMH is one of the major government hospitals in Mumbai situated at Sion and is also one the most affordable hospitals in the city that provides special services to the poor section of society. It is well equipped government hospital which always focuses on giving best at their Emergency medical service center at all times. The country’s first Trauma Service was introduced in LTMH hospital. Their Out Patient Department, with senior staff of 300 members and more than 500 post graduate students serves 16 lacs out-patients and 60000 in-patients annually.
LTMH also has their Urban Health Centre at Dharavi, where various services are provided at their Pediatric Haematology laboratory, Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre and immunization centre. Here various consultants are available for poor and needy people such as Dietician, Gynecologist and Pediatrician.

King Edward Memorial Hospital:

Generally known as KEM Hospital, is one of the best government hospitals in Mumbai. It is clean and affordable with dedicated expert doctors. KEM has currently 550 resident doctors and 390 staff physicians who annually serve to 78,000 in-patients and around 1.8 million OPD patients.It renders services totally free to the underprivileged sections of the society.

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Sir J. J. Hospital :

When talking about affordable hospitals of Mumbai, we can’t leave out Sir JJ Group of Hospitals run by Maharashtra Government. It is the oldest medical establishment and has four hospitals attached to it. Sir JJ Hospital is the first government hospital in Mumbai to get Lasik surgery done at affordable prices. Lasik surgery is therapeutic surgery which corrects the number of eye due to which a person can get rid of spectacles.

There are other general hospitals in Mumbai like Kasturba Hospital, Wadia Hospital (Female), Wadia Hospital (Children) , Harilal Bhagwati Mun. General Hospital and G. T. Hospital which are affordable too.

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